• Bone Meal

Bone Meal

NPK: 2-14-0

Earth Safe™ Bone Meal is a great natural source of phosphorous and nitrogen. Phosphorus is excellent for the development of root structure and stronger blooming in plants. Perfect for bulbs and transplants or as a boost to your flowerbeds and containers.

Available sizes:

Weight: 1 kg

Larger Transplants: Apply 2 tbsp per 1 gallon container.

Garden Top Dress: Apply 1⁄2 kg per 12m2 (125ft2). This container covers about 14m (150ft2 ).

Bulbs and Bedding Plants: Lightly sprinkle the bottom of the transplant hole prior to planting.

  • Total Nitrogen (N)4%
  • Available Phosphate (P2O5)10%
  • Organic Matter29%

Bone meal.

CAUTION: Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

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