13Mar 2017
Earth Safe bare-root roses

The best time to plant bare root roses outside is fast approaching. March on the Pacific West Coast means the start of springtime, and one of the first plants that need attention are your bare-root roses. You should be planning to plant your roses immediately after the last hard frost of the winter season has […]

10Feb 2017

Fragrant and sweet, this easy-to-make scrub will leave you feeling fresh and fruity. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you want to feel extra special for your date, or if you’re single and just want to treat yourself, this grapefruit body scrub is perfect. And easy too! You’ll only need three ingredients for […]

07Feb 2017

Flavourful traditional fresh basil pesto sauce that you can put on anything! This recipe is incredibly easy to make, and not to mention, delicious! From pizza or pasta, to roasted chicken or soup, you can put it on pretty much anything you want! This sauce is something that you’ll want to keep making over and […]

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