The Earth Safe® brand is dedicated to providing the scientifically developed, value-priced organic solutions that will provide the results that gardeners want and expect in their gardens. Earth Safe® means just that – all formulas are organic and have an ingredient list available right on the label. Many of the Earth Safe® brand products meet the high standard necessary to be approved for use in certified organic crop production.

The bright, colour coded labels, easy-to-recognize names and target crop graphics on Earth Safe® products stand out on garden centre shelves. User-friendly pump tops and easy-to-follow directions for our liquids help gardeners get the most from every bottle. Earth Safe® is committed to supporting our products and the gardeners that use them. A brand new, full colour, detailed product guide, and training manual is now available to offer details on each product, along with valuable tips on organic gardening. We also have a dedicated organic gardening expert available to retailers and gardeners alike.

The Earth Safe® brand provides you with an organic product line that has a clean look, effective formulas and industry-leading customer service and support.

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