That time of year is approaching; the leaves are changing colour, everything is pumpkin spice flavor, and people get excited about the turkey they’re going to cook. Though, if you’re vegan, Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday because a lot of the ‘traditional’ meals are packed with meat and animal by-products. If you’re hosting a vegan Thanksgiving dinner this year and are feeling a bit flustered about it, here are 5 tips to help you survive the holiday:


Plan Your Menu

Thanksgiving can be an incredibly overwhelming holiday. Family and friends pouring in to your house, all with different tastes and preferences, as they watch you cook over your shoulder. If you take some time before the big night to plan out exactly what you’re going to serve, what you need to buy for each course, and when you need to start cooking, it can make the night go a lot smoother. It also couldn’t hurt to give your guests an idea of what you’ll be serving ahead of time, so that nobody is unpleasantly surprised at dinner.

Avoid the V Word at the Table

Not everyone has the same opinions when it comes to diet, so it’s usually better to avoid talking about why you’re a vegan, especially during dinner. It can be a hot topic for some people, and chances are it’s going to make for an awkward table conversation. If someone brings it up, kindly suggest that you’ll have a conversation with them about it after the meal.

Get Creative But Keep It Simple

When people think ‘vegan’ they often think of veggie sticks and raw fruit. If you can spice things up a bit and serve vegan dishes that are an interesting spin on people’s favourite holiday dishes, your guests will be excited to try something new. Start with a simple idea, like mashed potatoes, then build off of it to create something delicious.

Keep Kids in Mind

It can be difficult to convince kids that vegan meals can taste good, so to avoid any temper tantrums it could be a good idea to contact parents and ask if there’s anything their kids won’t eat. Kids also want things that are familiar, so try to include dishes that are close to what they already know.


Try not to worry too much about hosting the perfect evening. People will enjoy themselves if they see that you’re relaxed and having a good time. After all, Thanksgiving is about celebrating with the people we love – everything else comes second. So pour yourself a drink and enjoy your evening!

Stay Informed

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